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 The Jewish Kingdom of Rouen
    The recovery of a lost Communauty
    The Jewish district of Rouen  
    At Jacob bar Jequthiel’s request, the Pope puts an end to the persecution of 1007
    The Tribulations of Reuben bar Isaac (circa 1032)
    Jews of Rouen settle in London (1066)
    The pogrom initiated by the First Crusade (1096)   
    The construction of the Rabbinic School (circa 1100)
    The Rabbinical authorities of the twelfth century
    The visit of Pope Innocent II to Rouen in 1131
    Abraham Ibn Ezra’s work in Rouen (1149–1159)
    The disciples of the masters: the scholars of Rouen during the reign of Henry II Plantagenêt (1150-1189)
    From the reign of Henry II Plantagenet to the conquest of Normandy by Philip-Augustus (1204)
    The Tossafists of Rouen
    The Jews of Rouen relatively spared by increasing persecutions (first half of the thirteenth century) 
    The last decades of Medieval Judaism in Rouen (1270-1306)
    The expulsion of 1306  
 The identification of the Jewish Monument of Rouen
    Why can the monument discovered beneath the courtyard of the Palace of Justice not be the Synagogue of Rouen?
    What proofs demonstrate that the building discovered in 1976 was a yeshibah, an Academy for advanced Rabbinic Studies ?
 The School of Rouen: its Book and its books